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Older Ladies by Donnalou Stevens — 19 Comments

  1. MaryLane Blomquist!
    Were you able to get the lyrics and chords for your Ukulele Group? Would you please share? I am going to a uke event soon and think this would be a smashing highlight.

  2. Hi Barbara — My suggestion is to contact Donnalou directly by clicking here. That will get you to her website. Then select “Contact” and write to her directly.

  3. Still having trouble converting chords to piano music for Older Ladies. Help!Barb T

  4. I sent Donnalou a check for $50.00 and hope she received it. I know I can down load her older ladies song but I’m wondering if she has music written for the piano for Older Ladies song? Please let me know. I love everything she does and I’ve shared it with young and older ladies. She is a gem. We are going to use the song in our spring show at our retirement community and I believe I can do this. Please let me know if this is OK. Happy New Year, Barb Townsend

  5. I live at a retirement community and we put on a musical show every year and would love to be able to use the song Older Ladies. How do I contact Donnalou?

  6. Donnalou,
    Love your song, as does the Washboard Band I play for. We would VERY MUCH like to sing it at various festivals/senior citizen groups around Atlanta. Do we need permission to do so. ALSO, I, too, would love the chords to the music–I have much of it but I’m not a MUSIC MAJOR–just a MUSIC LOVER!!
    What a WONDERFUL WAY to celebrate AGING!! I have recently helped celebrate several 90th birthdays and ONE very SPECIAL 100th birthday–your SONG FITS ALL OF US!!
    Thank You,
    Debbi Hadaway

  7. LOVE IT! When and where can I get it on a CD, cause I’m not an I-tune downloading lady.

  8. Loved your musical Older ladies. I think it is great and would you to buy your video is it available?

  9. Thanks for writing. Best wishes for continued success with your composing and singing.

  10. I am the composer & singer, yes. Thanks for posting the video. Like my FB page & contact me there. Older Ladies will be available with and without lyrics on CD Baby shortly. Love &laughter to all,


  11. Great idea! But you’ll need to click on the link to the Donnalou Stevens website and ask her as she is the composer and singer.

  12. May we get the lyrics and chords??? We have a Ukulele Group and I think this would be a great addition to our repetoire! Thanks!

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