My personal collection of senior-related humor sites. Click the titles to be transported to laughs. (Some risque, but not dirty.)

Senior Ark: Seniors helping Seniors meet the challenges in retirement. This is the humor page of a large site for seniors. Mostly links to short funny joke stories.

Swap Meet Dave: Menu of Clean Jokes, Funny Photos, Bizarre Videos, Crazy Cartoons! Click on the Senior Citizen Humor link for senior citizen merriment, humor, jokes, and fun!

My Clean Humor. This page has daily clean jokes about aging.

Reader’s Digest Old Age Jokes. “Ha! Getting older can be funny, as these old age jokes prove.” Short jokes about aging. In large type for easy reading.

Geriatrics and Baby Boomer Humor, part of the Humor Etc. site. Jokes to click on.

My Aging Funny Bone is part of the Senior Resource website. A twice weekly cartoon (scroll down) and some jokes to click on.

Retirement Quotes Cafe. This page of the site has retirement-related jokes and humor.

Pruneville. “Where laughter doesn’t require teeth.” Click on Jokes & Quotes or Comic Strips.

Life in the Boomer Lane The humorous musings of Renee Fisher, writer and former hoola hoop champion. Posts about once a month. For geezers who still like to read.

My Little Sister’s Jokes About Aging. Click on any written joke.

Grandma Betty. Quick one liners but last entry was March, 2015. Part of a larger site with lots of info sources for boomers.

Geezer Planet Michael Principato is the creator and webmaster. Lots of photos for easy viewing and easy laughs. But no new entries since 2013. Most recent stuff is on Facebook.


Senior Humor Sites — 3 Comments

  1. TRUE STORY~ A retirement center in Salisbury had quiet the excitement recently. A group of 10 male resident’s met outside at 1 am for a smoke. While outside, one said he knew where the Center kept the whisky (they kept the whisky for residents who are being weaned off drinking). They all drank the entire bottle of whisky and became really drunk and hungry. They decided to slip off and go to a Waffle House located through the woods and across a four lane highway. So, off they go, wheeling one man in his wheelchair through the woods (he later had the scrapes from the branches) and across the four lane highway. (Ok,,you have the visual yet?) They ordered anything and everything on the menu,,,,including waffles with fresh strawberries. The WORKS!! They were having the time of their lives and THEN the bill came,,,,no one had any money!! The Waffle House called the cops and it took five cop cars to take them back to the Retirement Center. The 10 men are still laughing about their night out and I imagine so are the cops, waitress and the workers at the Center they “escaped” from!!!

  2. Laughter raises the performance of the immune system, helping the body to combat off disease and disease. Experiencing tension without laughter lessens the capacity of the physical body to battle illness due to the fact that it suppresses the immune system. They have found that giggling can assist people bounce back from ailments since it tends to reduce blood pressure, reduces anxiety bodily hormone levels, and recharges the body’s immune system. Giggling likewise helps to control blood insulin levels and blood sweets levels, and while researchers do not recommend that patients stopped their diets or exercise regimens, they do say that laughing certainly aids. Much study on children has been done, and scientists discovered that giggling helped with children’s ability to endure pain and was additionally effective in the recovering process.

  3. This particular page, “Senior Humor Sites | Geezer Guff” displays that you truly comprehend what u r communicating about!
    I actually absolutely agree with your blog. Thanks a lot, Shawnee

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