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Pearls of Wisdom [New]
A Retirement Blog by Caree Risover
A retiree from the UK charts her retirement through planning to implementation and enjoyment.

Leaving languishing behind [New]
Eye on the Edge
Examining how I got here, who I used to be, and who I want to become before I die.Definitely older, possibly wiser…

The Cranky Old Man

That Old Tub-Shower Has Got to Go [New]
Barbara Falconer Newhall
Riffs On Life From A Veteran Journalist

Anticipation [New]
Muddling through my middle age
Definitely older, possible wiser

Willamette Valley Nurseries and Gardens (with lots of photos)  [New]
Linda Letters
Daily Life of a Retired Teacher Living in Seattle

How to Indulge and Get “Bougie” in the Paradise of Palm Springs, California (with lots of photos) [New]
A Baby Boomer’s Life After 50
For baby boomer women (born between 1945 – 1964) who are going through a similar life journey in mind, body and spirit.

What Happened to Playing Outside? [New]
80-Something Blog

Olive Garden, Cicadas and My Rose [New]
I am a retired 1st grade teacher with my heart divided between Illinois, Hawaii and Maryland.

just a few little things…(with photos) [New]
Older but better
This blog is meant to be a documentation of our journey into the world of retirement.

UFO* in the Night Sky #Wordless Wednesday [New]
Retirementally Challenged
Navigating through my post-work world

May Wrap Up, June Preview & Another Blogging Break (with photos) [New]
Retirement Reflections
New Chapters, New Discoveries and New Adventures

Boomers on a new sport, the blessings of sons, summer safety, and more [New]
Musings of a Shore Life
Blog posts cover everything and nothing – my life’s highs and lows, travels, and comments and criticism on current events.

Weekend Traffic Jam Reboot!- June 20 [New]
Women Living Well After 50
A place for Women Over 50 to learn, experience & enjoy. (From Australia)
Retirement is a journey, not a destination…

Happiness is Homemade 537 (with photos) [New]
A Labour of Love
A Boomers love of food, fashion, and fun

Before They Were Famous [New]
The Second Half of My Life
Adventures after 49

The Sunday Schnauzer – Patio King (with photos) [New]
The Widow Badass
This blog is all about a celebration of midlife and a chronicle of my own midlife journey.

An ordinary week – Thriving Week 24 [New]
A Boomer Girl’s Guide
Be Brave. Be Bold. Be Active. Choose Happy.

IKEA [New]
Going Gently
“I’ll admit I may have seen better days, but I’m still not to be had for the price of a cocktail, like a salted peanut” (Margo Channing)

The day I hit my emotional limit…
Adventures of the New (And Improved) Old Farts
Where life is luxuriously slow, and overflows with simple joys!

End of the snowbird season
Bag Lady in Waiting
My life is a freelance experience, an opportunity to say Yes.

Why Do I Feel Guilty?
One Day at a Time
It is not about looking…it IS about seeing. Now if I can just find my glasses…

A Pedicure
Retirement Coffee Shop
I retired in 2019 at the age of 53 from the federal government. After a great career, I am now in pursuit of the best retirement possible.

It’s Time
Confessions of a Grandma
“A grandma is just an antique little girl”…unknown

What Happened to Tom?
Sightings Over Sixty
A Baby Boomer looks at health, finance, retirement, grown-up children and … how time flies. Tom Sightings


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  1. 70 is the new 50 I’ll think about “aging” in a ‘couple of decades! A regular practice of: A little exercise, caution about my diet, mental exercises daily, attitude, attitude, attitude! I hit a crises point about 5 years ago at 65 and had to decide that “failure is not an option”. Happy to report; doing good so-far.

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