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Are you wondering why I didn’t call this blog “Notes From a Grumpy Old Man?” Because I’m not really grumpy. I’ve lived long enough (over 70) to take life with a grain of salt. To which I have added a dash of pepper, resulting in a satirical view of senior life.

How does the magic happen? As I live my life, read newspapers and magazines, watch TV, and search the Internet, I often shake my head in amazement or disbelief. This leads me to copy and paste what I have found or write some commentary or satirical article. I hope these gleanings will provide you with some out loud laughter, or at least a chuckle.

Feel free to join in with your own humorous commentary.  Let’s balance the tears that aging sometimes brings us with a smile.



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  1. I am getting pretty tired of being told that every pain or ache in my body is related to the fact that I am getting older. My gut seems to be full of gas which only occurs because I am older. I go into the pantry and instantly forget what I came for. That’s not a problem since I am just getting older. The Hurricane that I used to walk with is not a new fashion accessory. It is required so I can get from point A to point B successfully because I am getting older. I can save money going out for an Early Bird Meal just because I am getting older. The joke is on them, since I can do whatever whenever I want simply because I am getting older.

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